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What finance options are available?
TopDeck Car parks can be purchased outright or lease purchased to assist in financial planning and to enable projects to be funded from revenue rather than capital. In many cases a TopDeck Car Park can be effectively self-financing.
Who project manages the installation?
Not only will TopDeck install the car park in conformity with all relevant standards and regulations (including health and safety), but can also co-ordinate and project manage other activities. This could include the installation of CCTV, fire and smoke detection systems, pay and display equipment, etc. Please contact us for further details.
What about traffic flow markings?
Individual parking bays are pre-marked on TopDeck modules but additional traffic flow markings can be applied on site.
Do you supply access barriers and car park signage?
Yes. Swing arm barriers, height restrictors, speed ramps and traffic lights can all be supplied, many from the range of our sister company Berry Systems. while almost any form of traffic or other signage can be supplied.
What about security?
CCTV systems can be fitted, if required, to customer's specification.
Can TopDeck be taken down and erected elsewhere on my site?
If the ability to demount the car park in the future is required and re-assemble it elsewhere, then height adjustable columns are used to allow for variations in the terrain. This is very useful where the total development of your site over the next few years has not been finalised.
What lighting options are available?
Working in conjunction with our sister company, Mallatite Ltd, we can provide a range of different lighting columns to suit almost any requirement. Mallatite's range of Superflex columns provides a hinged lighting column which allows maintenance of the light fitting to be carried out safely at deck level. Lower deck lighting is typically via self-contained galvanized steel trunkings, busbar or similar systems.<br /><br /><a href="http://www.blossomhill.co.uk/clientarea/topdeck/website/features-benefits-options-full.php?main_id=4&sub_id=1" title="Link to Lighting information">Click here for more details on Lighting</a>
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