The need for and choice of foundations will vary depending on whether the TopDeck installation is demountable or permanent considered in conjunction with the local ground conditions. Thorough ground investigations are carried out to determine precise requirements and to ensure that currently installed services and drainage are not disrupted.

TopDeck employs the services of independent structural engineers to carry out any Site Investigation reports and provide our client with recommendations as to the suitability of existing ground conditions and any required foundation detail.



(Adjustable Columns)

(Fixed Columns)

Base Plate only



Concrete Pad or Strip



Screw Pile



Pile Foundation



BASE PLATES Frequently, foundations are not required for demountable installations where the ground conditions are suitable. Columns can be sited on base plates over most surfaces including tarmac, concrete, landscaping and even compacted hard core. Regular inspections ensure correct adjustment of column heights.

CONCRETE PADS OR STRIP For permanent installations, or where ground conditions dictate, a simple concrete pad or strip is installed to prevent subsidence.

SCREW PILE FOUNDATIONS Where a more substantial foundation is required or as an alternative to concrete, Screw Pile foundations are used for quiet, speedy installation.

PILE FOUNDATIONS In a very few cases traditional pile foundations may be required because of challenging ground conditions.

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