Limitations on car parking can have a significant impact on retail businesses and it's quite easy to put hard cash values on parking spaces. A large supermarket, for example, would expect each space to lead to the generation of something in the region of £100 per hour in turnover. That's perhaps £700 or £800 per day and about £5000 per week in round numbers. Obviously this financial model relies on the spaces being filled pretty constantly so the issue comes into sharp focus when a supermarket loses spaces during a refurbishment as their existing car park is partially filled with contractors plant and material. Any spare capacity is lost and the obstructing of 100 or even 200 spaces is common, resulting in lost revenue opportunities of between £1/2 million and £1 million per week!

This at least is a short term problem easily overcome by the use of a TopDeck car park on short term hire. But when it's a store expansion as well as a refurbishment the problem is permanent and the solution must match it. A larger store will generate more customers staying longer and yet will eat into the existing parking space. Local authorities are becoming increasingly restrictive on allowing supermarkets to expand beyond existing borders so the only practical solution is an extra parking deck to create new capacity. And it must be one that can be erected in a way that allows as much as possible of the existing car park to stay in use. That brings a whole host of health and safety issues into play and the installer must be well versed in such issues.

Again, TopDeck can provide the answer.

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