Fawdington BMW

Fawdington BMW

Like many successful dealers (and they were UK BMW dealer of the year in 2006), Fawdington BMW in Newcastle has grown significantly since they started in 1984. In the mid 90s they bought the freehold of an entire two acres site - but even that has not kept pace with their growth.

However, about the only thing that had not grown throughout this period was the overall number of parking spaces available for customers, staff and - most importantly - for new and used cars. By 2007 this was causing serious disruption.

Fawdington's location was an important factor in their overall success so a move to a brand new greenfield site was not attractive. Off-site storage for some of their stock was considered but was felt to be a very inefficient option. Building a new car park deck over existing space soon became the preferred long-term solution but erecting a concrete structure represented a logistical nightmare - because of the configuration of the site and the fact that it would disrupt business for at least three months.

Then the company was introduced to TopDeck - and a solution was found. The configuration of the site, and uneven surfaces, meant that some modifications had to be made to the standard modules, but this was overcome - it simply made a five-day task into an 11-day one.

The new car park, with its antiskid surface and clear markings, is easy for staff to use - and cladding provided by Top Deck ensured that the new structure blended in seamlessly with existing buildings.

Dealer Principal Paul Reed is delighted with the results. "This makes a huge difference to our new and used car storage capacity. As we will not be allowing members of the public access to the TopDeck we can now 'block park' up to 100 extra cars and this will enable us to further improve the service we offer to our customers here in the heart of the city. It's having a noticeable effect on staff morale too as we're no longer as crammed in."

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